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The landed home of Hartfield undoubtedly was inconsiderable, staying but a form of notch in the Donwell Abbey estate, to which all the rest of Highbury belonged; but their fortune, from other sources, was which include to make them scarcely secondary to Donwell Abbey by itself, in each individual other sort of consequence; as well as the Woodhouses had long held a significant location within the thing to consider on the neighbourhood which Mr.

I would not trust in this map to find your way home for those who have been home. A great number of errors just in the region around me, streets that have altered and areas like dining places that have come and long gone years in the past.

a. To inspect In order to ascertain accuracy, excellent, or other ailment; take a look at: checked the brakes for dress in; checked the paper for misspellings.

Have despatched many difficulty reports and Email messages to here but have had no response. I see that Anyone else that has a xperia cellphone is owning the exact same issue. Here! Be sure to type this out and reply to our frustrations Full Review Adrian Turi July eight, 2017

to investigate to find out if (another person or something) is dependable, straightforward, correct etc. Have you been checking up on me? ondersoek يَفْحَصُ، يُدَقِّقُ، يُحَقِّقُ في الأمْر проверявам investigar prověřit, přezkoumat nachprüfen undersøge; få oplysninger om κάνω έρευνες (για) confirmar usaldatavust kontrollima کیفیت یا شخصیت کسی را بررسی کردن tarkistaa henkilön taustat se renseigner sur בְּדִיקָה רְפוּאִית परीक्षण kontrola, provjera ellenőriz,„átvilágít” menyelidiki fylgjast með; rannsaka fare indagini su 調べる 진위를 확인하다 ištirti kieno patikimumą pārbaudīt; izdarīt aptauju menyiasat iemands achtergrond nagaan undersøke, kontrolleresprawdzać د يو څا كيفيت يا شخصيت كتل investigar a verifica проверять preveriť (si) preveriti proveriti undersöka, kolla upp ตรวจสอบความน่าเชื่อถือ sorup soruşturmak, iyice bir araştırmak 調查 провести розслідування, перевірити تحقیق کرنا ، آزمائش کرنا điều tra 检查

An uncontrolled source is usually a voluntary contributor of information and might or might not know that the information is to be used for intelligence reasons. See also agent; collection agency.

origin - the source of anything's existence or from which it derives or is derived; "the rumor had its origin in idle gossip"; "vegetable origins"; "mineral origin"; "origin in feeling"

5. a ticket gained in return for handing in baggage etcetera. ontvangbewys تَذْكِرَه تَشْهَدُ بِتَسْليمِ الحَقائِب багажна разписка tíquete stvrzenka, lístek der (Gepäck-)Schein kontrolmærke απόκομμα παραλαβής ticket, resguardo kviitung رسید kuitti bulletin de consigne קבלה सामान इत्यादि सौंपे जाने पर मिली पावती žeton, potvrda elismervény kartu, tiket geymslumiði scontrino, tagliando 預り証 보관표 kvitas kvīts; talons tiket bonkontrollmerkekwit اخیست talão bon номерок; квитанция ústrižAlright, lístok kontrolni listek karta za prtljag kontramärke, bricka, kvitto ใบฝากของ bagaj bileti 托運行李的收據 багажна квитанція سامان کی here رسید phiếu gửi 行李票

source - get (a product) from another state or enterprise; "She sourced a supply of carpet"; "They can be sourcing from scaled-down firms"

• The Resort may perhaps, at its absolute discretion, cancel the reservation if the Lodge is of your impression that the reservation information supplied is falsified or incomplete.

If space isn't an problem and your home Place of work occupies an entire place, the possibilities are practically countless.

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The application self deletes. If I change the telephone off and back within the app is long gone. I have utilised it on another gadget and find it irresistible more than most map applications that I have experienced. It will not keep on my present-day device. Even updating the application it's going to self delete.

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